Wildlife &
Game Protection
In Northern Ireland

This page sets out the position in Northern Ireland in respect of the shooting of wild birds, game and animals (Wildlife (NI) Order 1985)

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The following may be shot by during the whole of the year
Great Black-backed Gull Wood Pigeon Feral Pigeon Magpie
Herring Gull House Sparrow Hooded/Carrion Crow Rook
Lesser Black-backed Gull Starling Jackdaw
The following may be shot from 1 September until 31 January
Curlew Pink-footed Goose Pintail Teal
Golden Plover Gadwall Pochard Tufted
Canada Goose Goldeneye Scaup Wigeon
Graylag Goose Mallard Shoveler
The following animals are protected at all times
Badger Common Otter Red Squirrel Large Heath Butterfly
Bats (all species) Grey Seal Brimstone Butterfly Marsh Fritillary Butterfly
Dolphins, Porpoises & Whales Common Lizard Dingy Skipper Butterfly Purple Hairstreak Butterfly
Common Newt Pine Marten Holly Blue Butterfly Small Blue Butterfly
Foxes, rats, mink and grey squirrels may be shot by authorised persons at all times
The normal open season for game is as follows
Grouse 12 August - 30 November Fallow Deer (buck) 1 August - 30 April
Pheasant & Woodcock 1 October - 31 January Red Deer (stag) 1 August - 30 April
Snipe 1 September - 31 January Sika Deer (stag) 1 August - 30 April
Grey Partridge, Red-legged
Partridge & Chukar Partridge
1 October - 31 January Fallow, Red & Sika Deer (does) 1 August - last day in February
Hares 12 August - 31 January
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