Gilford Castle Estate

Co. Down, Northern Ireland

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Founded in 1996, Ireland's National Countrysports Fair is a premier game fair in Ireland. While all the major sporting associations attend the National Countrysports Fair, it is not allied to any individual sporting association and as such is completely autonomous. It is organised for sportsmen by sportsmen of many years standing. Now in its seventh year, the National Countrysports Fair is widely regarded as the best country sports fair in the whole of Ireland.

Over 21,000 people from the island of Ireland and from further afield attended the event in August 2001. The National Countrysports Fair will return to its regular date of the last weekend in May 2002, having been held in August 2001 as a result of re-scheduling brought about by the Foot and Mouth outbreak in Ireland in the spring of 2001.

A couple of years ago we accidentally met one of the UK’s biggest employers in online gaming. We met him the Ireland’s National Countrysports Fair. Apparently, he is a major duck hunting enthusiast and Countrysports supporter in general. Anyway, we were very fortunate to get meet this man and since then we’ve have developed a sort of a partnership with his company.
So, if you are also a supporter of the Countrysports Fair, head over to and find out more about our great partner.
Ireland's National Countrysports Fair

25 & 26 May 2002

Ireland's National Countrysports Fair is supported by Banbridge District Council

"Working for the Countryside"