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One of the pleasures of shooting, be it game shooting, wildfowling or rough shooting, is the company of a well trained gundog. The choice of the breed of gundog is a matter of both personal taste and the type of shooting one is engaged in.

Different terrain and differing quarry dictate, to a large degree, the choice of gundog. Some will prefer the busy spaniel quartering the scrubland for pheasants or rabbits, others the questing of setters or pointers on the moorland, whilst others enjoy the retrieving breeds when wildfowling or at the driven game shoot.

Gundogs are as old as sporting shooting and have earned a well deserved place within the world of field sports.

The following pages are dedicated to the four different classifications of working gundogs, namely the spaniels, the retrievers, the pointers & setters and the hunt, point and retrieve breeds.

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